Men’s Club

Men’s Club at HPCT-CAE is an important source of social, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual development for our community. We run a wide range of activities, including social and athletic events, mitzvah projects, youth support, educational programs both religious and secular, and health and wellness initiatives.

We fulfill the mission of the International Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs – “involving Jewish men in Jewish life” – through our enthusiastic leadership and innovative programming, with an eye always focused on contribution to, and participation from, our community.

Men’s Club board meetings are held each month; check the Temple calendar for dates.

For up-to-date information about our activities, check this page and our Temple calendar frequently, and:

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  • Follow our Twitter feed.
  • Send us an email and request to ‘subscribe’ to our email list. You can also email us here with any inquiries, ideas, or suggests you might have for us.

Men’s Club Board

President:                Al Davis

VP Programming:  Rich Nebb

Membership VP:    Spencer Brooks

Ritual VP:                Barry Mael

Treasurer:             Allan Korn

Trustees:                Ira Kizner, Dan Shifrin

Honorary Presidents:  Larry Klioze, Marty Golden

Past Presidents:           Craig Artel, Nate Kean, Marc Weinstein, Jay Culang, Skip Rogers