Our Mission and Our Vision

Mission Statement

We are a Conservative synagogue that offers a home for Jews of all backgrounds and ages, dedicated to Torah, meaningful prayer, and life-long Jewish learning. We strive to build a vibrant social and spiritual congregation committed to outreach, community engagement, and Israel.

Vision Statement

We respect the dignity of every human being. We embrace the diversity of both our geographic and our spiritual communities, and we appreciate the opportunity for respectful discussion offered by this diversity. We pray as a community while maintaining our individual personal connections to God, and we endeavor to create a spiritual environment that speaks to all our congregants. We celebrate and support our members throughout their life-cycle events.

We are guided by the constant values of the Torah and by the living and changing body of Halacha (Jewish law). We offer formal educational programs and informal learning experiences for all age levels that serve as gateways to a life imbued with Jewish meaning and values both within and beyond the synagogue walls.

We strive to take a leadership role in the Conservative movement and the greater Jewish community. We offer a variety of cultural and social programs as means of developing and strengthening friendships within our congregation and commitment to Conservative Judaism and Jewish life. We reach out beyond our congregation to individuals and groups, both Jewish and non-Jewish, in friendship and in times of need.

We believe that Israel is the Jewish homeland and Zionism is an authentic movement dedicated to the survival of the Jewish state. We participate in activities that strengthen our connection to and understanding of Israel. We stand as a voice for Israel.